About Us

OutDoor-581x720Experience and Professionalism

BTU Marketing of Lakeport, California, has been a valuable Montigo Agent and Representative for over thirteen years. Starting in the seventies in central California, BTU has grown into a well-respected, knowledgeable company that draws upon its many years of experience in the hearth and building industry.  Today BTU Marketing has become a ‘one-line’ gas fireplace company, working with Architects, Designers, Contractors, Distributors and the Hearth market. Their primary interest is supplying these markets with the Montigo gas product line of gas fireplaces and custom C-View Fire Features. They have built a reputation of high quality products and superior service in this highly competitive market.

Continuing into the future Dave and Rob have compiled 65 years of experience and counting, in the Hearth and Building markets. Not many hearth suppliers can match this longevity, wisdom and knowledge in such a fast evolving industry.

BTU Marketing is looking forward to many more prosperous years partnering with Montigo.

See Thru set no flamesPersonalized Approach

This family company consists of a father ‘Dave’, and son team ‘Rob’. Combined, they have built a well-respected team that is hard to beat. Dave has been in the Hearth business since 1972. Prior to this he was a Licensed HVAC /sheet metal contractor, working as a full time gas service Technician. With all this accumulated experience Dave became extremely knowledgeable and well versed in working with both gas, and alternative heat source, fireplaces and accessories. His son Rob has worked in the family business ever since high school, starting with the store as a shop helper and studying installer, eventually working toward his goal as a BTU service Technician. Shortly after, Rob left the business for college then returned to work with his father once again in 1990 as a Rep.